Julia Cooper

My family is proof that Michigan’s auto no-fault system should stay in place.

Over a year ago, my daughter Julia was in a single-car crash, lying in her wrecked car at the side of the road, pinned against a tree. She hit a patch of black ice and lost control of the vehicle. Julia was hospitalized for more than two months, spending two and a half weeks in a coma. She had multiple surgeries and was on life support. We realized then the costs were adding up. We were told that our health insurance had limitations on the total amount they would pay, but not to worry because no-fault would pick up the rest.

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Donald Bricker

I am one of the many reasons Michigan’s auto no-fault system should stay in place. I was riding a motorcycle 10 years ago when a young man in a pickup truck pulled out in front of me. The next thing I know, I am at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.

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Sheryl Dana

Life can change in a blink of an eye. On Dec. 28, 2006, I was headed to work as a home health-nursing manager when another driver lost control and crossed the centerline. I tried to drive out of his path, but the poor weather and road conditions prevented it, and we collided nearly head on. I was transported via ambulance to a nearby hospital with extensive injuries and in critical condition. Due to the extent of my injuries and traumatic brain injury, my family was told that I might not survive.

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Brian Culver

Today, those closest to Brian Culver would describe him as one part thrill seeker and 100 percent inspiration. When speaking with Brian, the first things people notice are his undying spirit and his courageous attitude.  And it is these traits – along with nation-leading care provided by Michigan’s no-fault insurance system – that have helped Culver overcome a high impact and severely traumatic auto accident.

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Katie Steele

There are many significant dates that a person tends to remember: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays … a catastrophic car accident. May 16, 2010, my life was changed forever. I was in a car accident and was impaled by a wooden fence post. The post obliterated four vertebrae, leaving me unable to move from the shoulders down.

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Ann Manning

Ann Manning was 20 years old when a drunk driver instantaneously changed her life.  One week before her wedding, she was involved in a car accident that paralyzed her from the chest down. That split second altered her future dramatically.

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Eric Fenstermaker

Eric FenstermakerEric Fenstermaker dreamed about one day walking his baby girl down the aisle at her wedding, but that dream was threatened when he became a victim in a violent, high-impact car accident. Fenstermaker was within five miles of his home when a car crashed into the driver’s side of his GMC Jimmy.  He was immediately ejected from the vehicle and sustained serious injuries but survived the crash. Both passengers in the other car were killed. Continue Reading

Adora Trostle

Adora TrostleSome victims let the repercussions of serious motor vehicle accident hinder their everyday life tremendously. Adora Trostle is an accident survivor who saw the positive under negative circumstances.  Even though she was nearly killed 12 years ago this coming November, she defines the moment as an opportunity for renewal, a springboard for growth.  Three months after turning 18, her lack of experience behind the wheel proved nearly fatal.

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