Insurance Industry Proves It Will Use Every Possible Excuse to Raise Rates, But Never to Lower Them

Michigan lawmakers recently repealed an $80 million tax credit mistakenly given to auto insurance providers in 2012.  Now that this tax credit repeal has taken effect, insurers are using it as an excuse to impose a $40 rate hike on Michigan drivers. The problem: insurance companies never lowered our rates when they were enjoying their big tax credit.

According to a recent Detroit Free Press article, instead of decreasing as a result of the tax credit auto insurance premiums actually increased from an average of $1,172 to $1,264 between 2012 and 2013. Interestingly, this was the same time period when insurers were fiercely arguing in favor of draconian changes to no-fault injury coverage because they said it was the only way to lower insurance rates.

The treatment and rehabilitation services provided under Michigan’s no-fault system have often been the difference between an accident survivor living a rich, purposeful life or living permanently in an adult foster home. That is why CPAN is actively working to help provide the legislature with real reforms that improve Michigan’s auto insurance system and reduce premiums without compromising the quality of care provided.

We need auto insurance reforms that helps contain costs without impacting the quality of care provided. We also need strong anti-fraud measures, streamlined claims processing and reasonable requirements for family-provided attendant care. Together, these reforms will reduce auto insurance costs while ensuring that Michigan’s most seriously injured accident victims have access to the quality care they need.

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