Katie Steele

There are many significant dates that a person tends to remember: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays … a catastrophic car accident. May 16, 2010, my life was changed forever. I was in a car accident and was impaled by a wooden fence post. The post obliterated four vertebrae, leaving me unable to move from the shoulders down.

We were so blessed to hear that we were covered under Michigan’s auto no-fault insurance, considering my medical bills exceeded $1.2 million before leaving the hospital.

Because of the no-fault system I’m able to attend therapies that are not covered by health insurance which have allowed me to regain functions such as feeding myself, writing and sitting up on my own — exceeding all of my doctor’s expectations.

In addition to my therapy, I require 24/7 care, along with daily transportation that is also not paid for by health insurance. No-fault is a godsend that I am so lucky to benefit from. There is no way that I would be where I am today without it. We have the best catastrophic injury protection in the nation and it doesn’t need fixing!

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