Julia Cooper

My family is proof that Michigan’s auto no-fault system should stay in place.

Over a year ago, my daughter Julia was in a single-car crash, lying in her wrecked car at the side of the road, pinned against a tree. She hit a patch of black ice and lost control of the vehicle. Julia was hospitalized for more than two months, spending two and a half weeks in a coma. She had multiple surgeries and was on life support. We realized then the costs were adding up. We were told that our health insurance had limitations on the total amount they would pay, but not to worry because no-fault would pick up the rest.

What a lifesaver.

Without no-fault we know we would have lost everything, including our home, and would more than likely have filed for bankruptcy to pay for the medical costs. Throughout our hospital stay, people kept saying that we were lucky to have the auto no-fault coverage. She continues to improve her cognitive abilities through speech therapy and has learned to handle everyday challenges she encounters from her traumatic brain injury (TBI).

We know that she would not have been able to return to her old self had her therapy been terminated prematurely. She would not have been able to regain her skills to live a normal life, let alone run at her high school track meet 452 days after her accident, with the limitations of HB 4612.

With the medical coverage in the no-fault law, we know that she will not have to worry about her future because of the residual effects of her TBI. Not a day goes by we don’t spread the word about what no-fault insurance has done for Julia, our family and all the people in Michigan.

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