Ann Manning

Ann Manning was 20 years old when a drunk driver instantaneously changed her life.  One week before her wedding, she was involved in a car accident that paralyzed her from the chest down. That split second altered her future dramatically.

Doctors drilled four places in her head to allow for a halo brace, while 100 pounds of pressure was applied to stabilize her spine in preparation for spinal fusion surgery three days later. As the spine swelling reduced, her function slowly started to return. After three months of rehab, the halo brace was removed and Ann was confident she would be a walking woman.  Sadly, that was not the case.

Since the accident, Ann still needs physical therapy, durable medical equipment, home and vehicle modifications, and four hours of daily intermittent attendant care to maintain full-time employment.  With exceptional treatment from her physiatrist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and urologist, Ann walked down the aisle with assistance only 14 months after her automobile accident. She then returned to school and graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.

“I have a beautiful canal front home where I live with my husband, stepson, service dog and family pet. I lead a wonderful, fulfilling life – despite my injury – in large part due to the benefits of Michigan’s Auto No-Fault law,” says Ann.

Nine years after her injury, she resumed her passion for sports and was even inducted into the Athletes with Disabilities Hall of Fame.  Ann Manning currently works as a consultant for the Wm. Ellis Company, a barrier-free home modifications construction company. She has also served in an executive capacity for traumatic brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation providers over the past 16 years.  She is a member of the Coalition to Protect Auto No-Fault (CPAN) and a longtime board member of Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, Inc.

To date, Ann’s injuries have reached more than $1 million in costs. In another 25 years, her injuries could easily total $5 million or more!

Fortunately, the treatment of Ann’s injuries is covered through Michigan’s no-fault insurance system. Because Michigan law requires insured drivers to carry lifetime auto injury benefits, Ann has been able to lead a full, functional and independent life at home and in the community following her accident.

Ann’s AAA auto insurance pays for healthcare needs beyond the limits of her health insurance policy, as well as home modifications and attendant care. Without this coverage, Ann – and thousands of accident survivors like her – would not be able to live the active and productive life she is currently enjoying.

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