Our History

The Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN) was formed in 2003 by 26 professional associations who shared the strongly held belief that it was in the public interest to preserve Michigan’s model no-fault auto insurance system and to make sure that the Michigan auto insurance industry kept the original no-fault promise it made to Michigan citizens when the No-Fault Act was passed in 1972. 

These professional associations consist of 15 major medical groups and 11 consumer groups, who represent numerous constituencies with widely divergent political views. In spite of their differences, these associations were united by the common objective to protect the rights of patients and providers under the Michigan no-fault system.

In 2009, the 26 professional associations who founded CPAN decided to make significant changes in its organizational structure, so that CPAN can be more effective in fighting the battle to save the Michigan no-fault system. CPAN opened up membership to the general public. By taking this action, the members of CPAN today include citizens’ consumers, individual professionals, private businesses, and professional organizations.

CPAN provides the first effective counter balance to the auto insurance industry – an industry that almost always gets its way in Michigan. CPAN is the TRUSTED VOICE ON MICHIGAN’S NO-FAULT SYSTEM. 

Below is a list of just some of CPAN’s member associations, professional organizations and institutional members:

  1. Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants
  2. Michigan Assisted Living Association
  3. Michigan Association of Chiropractors
  4. MARO
  5. Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council
  6. Michigan Nurses Association
  7. Michigan Orthopedic Society
  8. Michigan Orthotics and Prosthetics Association
  9. Michigan Osteopathic Association
  10. Michigan Rehabilitation Association
  11. Michigan Society of Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgeons
  12. Michigan State Medical Society
  13. Michigan Dental Association
  14. Michigan Committee on Trauma
  15. Spectrum Health System
  16. Michigan Association of Neurological Surgeons
  17. Eisenhower Center
  18. Special Tree
  19. Michigan Independent Case Management Council
  20. Rainbow Rehabilitation
  21. Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital
  22. Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation
  23. NeuroRestorative of Michigan
  24. Michigan Podiatric Medical Association
  25. Michigan Home Care & Hospice Association
  26. Michigan Physical Therapy Association

  1. Brain Injury Association of Michigan
  2. Michigan Association for Justice
  3. Michigan Guardian Association
  4. Michigan Disability Rights Coalition
  5. Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America
  6. Michigan Protection and Advocacy
  7. Area Agency On Aging Association of Michigan
  8. Peckham

Working cooperatively together, these associations and organizations have vigorously opposed repeated efforts by the Michigan auto insurance industry to dramatically weaken the Michigan No-Fault Law and substantially diminish the rights of accident victims and their medical providers.